Foundation Brabant Elektrisch helps cities and companies in making their mobility sustainable.

Our approach consists of a bottom-up implementation of e-carsharing by participating organizations which share their own e-fleet. In our project provinces, municipalities, and employers are working together to make their mobility sustainable.
A critical succesfactor is the combination of business en private kilometers, which together lead to an optimal use and maximum number of kilometers. When the occupation of the vehicle is high the cost per kilometer go down quickly. Obviously this is the case for electric cars with their low maintenance and energy cost.
For reservations, opening and closing of the car we use a smartphone solution. This consists of the OTAkeys box and app which is connected to the reservation system and provides a virtual key. This smartphone with virtual key connects to the car using bluetooth.
Many organizations combine e-car sharing for business trips with the program ‘GoodMoovs’ to stimulate the use of an e-bike and e-car instead of a fuel car for commuting, private and business trips.